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How do I pray?


In the aftermath of the tragedy in Connecticut, I find myself asking God a critical question.  It isn’t “Why?” or “Whose fault?” or “What’s to Blame?”  Rather it is, “How do I pray?”

How do I pray when it seems that God was absent in His promised protection over the little ones?

How do I pray when it seems the killer was a young man with deep problems?

How do I pray when I simply cannot become comfortable with the reality of evil preying upon children?

I want to know how I can pray differently for my kids.  Time with them is more precious than gold.  How can I waste not an ounce?

I want to know how I can pray for all the families affected.  From first responders to those left with no responses I want to know how to pray.

I want to know how to dislodge the band of panic which is wrapped around my heart.  At the slightest sound, call or moment away, I wonder if I will see them again.

Lysa TerKeurst wrote a blog asking the same question I did.  Her response was heart-achingly beautiful.  Read it here: How Do I Pray

I’ll pray for the chasms to be filled.

How will you pray?