Showing Up and Being Seen

“How often are you going to blog?” she asked me.  And it hit me, I’m in the arena and there are people in the stands.

I’ve often shared Brene’ Brown’s quotes and how her work has enriched my life immeasurably.  Here she shares about being in the arena:

Our arena is that place where we are at our most exposed.  The place where we face enemies from all sides.  The place of victories and defeats.

“How often?” was asked by a woman I deeply admire.  Miss Ellen is in the arena.  As a published writer who has crafted curriculum for children, she’s been a minister and a leader in churches for decades.  And she reads Lessmoreabundantly.

Getting back in the arena requires me to slay my self-critical demons.  You know the ones who whisper, “Who is going to read your stuff?” and “You’ll fail, because you always have.”  Stephen Pressfield calls this running tape of self-sabotage-Resistance.  In the book, “The Artists Way” it’s called-The Inner Critic.  Whatever it’s called, it wins every time I run away from the arena.

Miss Ellen revealed to me I’ve already won by hitting the Publish button.  I’m being seen and I need to keep myself in the arena no matter what Resistance throws at me.  I need to show real courage.


This blog is part of me showing up.  Reaching out to you is me showing up on your digital doorstep to have a cup of coffee and share some stories.

My friend, Christie, is the first African American woman to be on city council in a community historically divided along racial lines.  She isn’t just stepping in to the arena, she is building a new one for women from all places in life.  Christie had her greatest leap forward when she stopped.   She stopped listening to those in the cheap seats who would rather throw criticisms then lend a hand.  Christie and Ellen are two women in my life who have the courage to show up and be seen.  There are more, but there stories are for another time.

Today, I want to ask you to share.  What is your arena?  Where are you showing up and being seen?  Where is your arena and how can I help you get there?


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