Prom Dress Progress

Eat Less. Pray More and Love Abundantly.  Grand themes for this blog.

As I peeked at my ever so few offerings, I notice I avoid one in particular-eat less.

It’s just food. Eat less and move more. Don’t need a trainer or expensive gym membership to understand or implement this simple truth.

Yet and still, I sit here, picking caramel popcorn kernels from my teeth and stretching my aching knees.

In my mind, I understand I have a negative body image. In my heart, I am still the gawky, brainy adolescent who was too smart, too loud and definitely too big.

Warren Jeffs called.  It's time to come home.  (Caption credited to M.A. Newcomer-brother)

Warren Jeffs called. It’s time to come home. (Caption credited to M.A. Newcomer-brother)

For work I was researching youth videos from a recent TEDx event. I was searching for a clip I could include in an upcoming presentation. I love when young people stand tall and proud, declaring in their unique voice truth for all who would hear. Today, I heard a truth which touched my heart and had me taking the stairs.

Watch, as I did from my desk today:

Until I can fit into a sparkly prom dress I will do two things. 1) I’ll go into that prom boutique and scowl at the lady, perhaps spilling a latte’ on her stick figure sized fashions. 2) I will remember I am beautiful on the inside and someday I will more easily see it on the outside.

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