The Breakfast of Champions

I learned a trick which has actually worked for me.  Routine.
Once it was a dirty word for me.  Routine sounded like boredom.  Who wants to do the same thing, the same way for anything?Until I saw this cute fitness guru du jour on Dr. Oz’s show (you know the one where all the housewives learn how green tea can save their marriage)?
He said that he does the same thing for food choices everyday.  That way, he can plan ahead, save time and stay ‘on plan’.  Sounds boring, but I thought I would give it a try.

It worked.

I do the same thing for breakfast everyday at work.  Weekends are different on purpose.  Hence, I’m not bored.  I do a shake, some supplements and a coffee.
No Brainer BreakfastThe best part about this?  I don’t have to think.

With all that is going on in my life, having less to rattle around my consciousness is a very good thing.  And, when gulped fast enough, one of those weight loss shakes aren’t half bad.

What is your breakfast of champions?

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