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Weighing in on Happiness

In “I’m Fat and I’m Happy” Joni Edelman blogs about happiness in terms of the life she lives, not the pounds she shed or the calories she has counted.  She has touched a nerve in all sizes of people.

I am getting ready to be a Maid of Honor/Best Woman in what will be the most beautiful wedding ever.  My brother and his fiancee’ are getting married.  I and her sister are honored to stand at the altar with them, as we have stood with them in life.  They are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside.  It will be one of the happiest days of their lives.

While I wholeheartedly celebrate their love and life, I am not celebrating the journey I am following as I dress shop.  I’m fat and I’m not happy.

So work out and eat less.  Simple.  There’s even a company named, “Simple to Lose”.  For me, it’s not.

I was on a roll recently, then my husband had a life threatening illness.  My ankle, while out of it’s cast, is still healing and a bit scary.  I just changed jobs and work partially from home and partially 40 minutes away.  We are all in therapy to heal from a long season of hurt and crazy.  Kids play sports.  I play at leadership in graduate school.  Not much time left over for workouts, meal planning and clean eating grocery shopping.

Part of me says, suck it up buttercup and sweat.  Cut up those vegetables and make it work.

The other part is the young woman who was told she wasn’t pretty enough to date by her crush from the youth group in college.

My therapist, a tough, no-nonsense woman, told me it’s a lie that I am not beautiful.  For I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  To say or believe anything less is a lie.

So am I happy believing a lie?  Whoa.

Read Joni’s blog.  Comment.  Let’s start the conversation