A Clean Slate

I washed over 100 pounds of laundry.  I took over an entire corner of the laundromat.  I needed a clean slate.

My laundry is made of rabbits, multiplying at lightning speed.  Though I have inquired, the children can’t explain why their socks inhabit everywhere but the hamper.  Life and a general lack of a home management plan (that’s a thing—still don’t have one), created mountains of laundry on every floor of the house.  I packed it up in minivan sized trash bags and several tubs.  Three hours later I had a clean slate.

It’s a new year.  I have a new degree.  I’m looking for a new job.  New seems to be a theme for me.  However, if you hold tight to the old, there is no room for the new.

Here’s my top three ideas in my clean slate.

#1: Stepping out.

I am standing at the foot of the stairs.  If I grip the handrail, I’ll never ascend.  I’ll be stuck on the first step.  I’ll be safe.  However, I’ll miss what’s at the top of the stairs-a new career, responsibilities, self-image and the future. Seeking the new means stepping up to seek what’s possible.

#2: Endings are necessary.

I’ve been studying the book, “Necessary Endings” by Henry Cloud.  Endings are a powerful part of growth.  Too few endings and your life is full of clutter.  Too many done poorly can drain your spirit and take away vital resources for growth.

#3: Play.

My 9-year-old tried to teach me Pokemon.  I had to wear reading glasses to read the cards.  Despite having a master’s degree, I couldn’t figure it out.  img_3249-2

We turned our attention to SkipBo, a game largely requiring the ability to count to 12.  He has beaten me 7 out of 10 games, a fact he doesn’t hesitate to remind me of-7 out of 10.  However, each time, even in the face of crushing defeat, I found myself relaxing, smiling, and leaving the table with a fuller heart.  Play reminds us not everything is life or death.  It reminds us of the wonder of a game well-played and the sound of laughter from those we love.

After one day, I have a full hamper from the ‘rabbits’.  However, I also have a full heart, ready to take the next step.  I leave behind and end things which have held me back.  I find reasons to play and vow one day (shakes fist to the heavens) to defeat Caden at SkipBo.

Share in the comments how you are stepping into the new year.  What does a clean slate look like for you?


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