Political Prom Kings

This is a short diversion from the focus of eating less, praying more and loving abundantly.  It will focus on less BS, more wisdom and voting abundantly (unlike in Chicago where people vote repeatedly).

I’ve been taking in all the political rhetoric.  As a writer, I pay attention to how words are used and what is the affect.  The ‘silly season’ of elections is ground zero for using words to persuade.

There is much said about independents.  These are the voters not ‘married’ to any particular political party.  They are also the ones, so says the political pundit class, who will decide the election.

Today, a little less than 24 hours before election day, there remains folks who simply can’t make up their minds.

There are also those who will choose the next leader of the free world based on the following criteria.

1.  I want a guy in the oval office who is just like me.

2.  I want a guy in the office who ‘feels my pain’ and understands my life.

3.  I want a guy in the office who will take care of me and give me things when I need them.

Let me fill you in.  The guy who gets to the oval office, irrespective of party affiliation, is nothing like you.  To get into the oval office a man has to raise and have access to millionaires and billionaires who will fund the expansive machinery of elections.  He has to have a pedigree of the ‘right’ schools where he makes the ‘right’ connections and marries the ‘right’ woman.  He is nothing like you.  One candidate is a millionaire many times over who is a CEO.  A CEO runs the show, and can sell it off without hesitation.  He isn’t a worker like you and me.   The other candidate is one raised largely in an anti-colonialist, super-progressive milieu in which the American experience was largely defined by those trying to dismantle the very institutions you and I take for granted.  THEY ARE NOT LIKE YOU OR ME.

Neither one has ever struggled to pay a bill.  Neither one had student loans it took them into their 40’s to pay off.  Neither one was fired-from anything.  Doors were opened for them because the powerful (see previous paragraph) decided they would be in office and in power someday.  They haven’t had doors slammed in their face.  They haven’t had to make a choice between paying the bills or feeding the kids.  Neither one understands the average, middle class experience because they have never been average or middle class.  THEY CAN’T FEEL YOUR PAIN OR UNDERSTAND YOUR LIFE.

Have you been to the DMV lately?  Have you tried to work through a mistake at the Social Security Office?  Have you ever tried to work with a veteran teacher who knows they are protected by seniority?  It’s like pounding your head against a wall and wondering why you have a headache.  They aren’t responsive or kind or even efficient-because they don’t have to be.  They have a job no matter what.  You want to rely on THEM to take care of you?  The other fact?  Every dollar the government spends is provided in two ways.  $0.47 of every dollar comes from taxes and fees collected by the government.  THE OTHER $0.53 CENTS IS BORROWED and owned by countries and foreign interests that are neither democratic nor very friendly.  You want the President to take care of you?  THEY CAN’T TAKE CARE OF YOU BECAUSE THEY PRESIDE OVER A GOVT. THAT IS FLAT, BUSTED BROKE.  (Click here for the link to a lengthy article explaining the debt further:  Understanding the Debt)

Presidential elections have become nothing more than billion dollar (yes, the candidates each will spend close to that in this cycle) beauty contest.  They say what they think we want to hear.  The sad part is, we believe them.

Please understand we are not voting for Prom King.  We are voting for the next leader of the free world.  Please set aside your need for them to be just like you, feel your pain or to take care of you.  Read, research and ask questions.  Ask questions of yourself, the candidate and your neighbor.  When you get the answers then vote.

Me?  I’m voting for the one who will protect what I want protected and grow what I think needs grown.  It doesn’t matter who, just know I have done my research.  By the way, I am also crossing party lines in some local races.  I’m cross-party voting because I am informed and the answers lead me to cross the aisle.

Please vote.

I am JC Servant and I approved this message.


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