Eat Less: Time to Walk Away from the Snackies

The biggest question for me isn’t, “Should I diet?” it’s where to start!  There are things I know I should/shouldn’t eat.  Which do I start with first?  How do I know I am making permanent changes which will stick with me in the long run?

The article’s title intrigued me.  “Is your “healthy” diet making you sick, tired and fat?”  Check Out This Article  It’s from a great blog called, “”.  Of course, as one who has unsuccessfully battled bulge, I would LOVE if healthy diets made you sick, tired and fat.  🙂

While I am personally not ready to tackle an elimination diet.  I can eliminate certain habits which I know are making me sick, tired and fat.

The first habit to tackle to eat less is (drum roll please) stop eating after dinner.

I’ve been doing this for a couple days now and it hasn’t been that hard.  In fact, I figured out a surefire way to stop eating after dinner.  It will revolutionize your eating after dinner addiction.  Ready?


Yep.  That’s all it has taken.  I go in any room in the house which does not have food.

It’s a small start to eating less.

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