Pray More: Write More (Or Paint More or Sing More-Just More!)

Praying is more often than not an exercise in quiet repose.  Head bowed, hands folded, we beseech a benevolent Creator.  We entreat Him with words written by other men.  We repeat what we have heard.  We repeat what we have yet to receive.

Then there is prayer of the liquid type.  This is the sort with few words, poured out between sobs.  Found in Emergency Rooms, at the divorce lawyer’s office, in a jail cell and at gravesites, liquid prayer is conducted by agnostic and atheist alike.  It’s the manifestation of a broken heart being poured out to anyone, anything which can staunch the flow.

Then there is the prayer of volume-both sound and size.  These are prayers shouted and screamed and repeated over and over.  As if by turning oneself into a mega phone the brass Heavens will open.

I’ve done all three.  I’ve done all three, often in quick succession.

I’ve also remained silent.  I’ve been the recalcitrant child, pouting because Daddy God didn’t do everything I believed He should.  I stuck out my lip rather than my faith because my soul, my ego or my heart got a boo-boo. Some of the boo-boos were bruises so deep it hurt to even breathe.

On this year-long journey I have committed to praying more.  I started writing in a prayer journal.  Though I am a writer, often drowning in a sea of words, I haven’t kept a journal since childhood.  Mom found my 5th grade journal and confronted me with what she read.  I vowed to never again put my self at risk like that.  Now, the reward far outweighed the risk.

I started journaling again because there were prayers too terrible, too personal, too tough to say aloud.  Prayers with words-if uttered-would unleash something terrifically terrifying into my reality.  Shockingly, and thankfully, I found that writing these prayers, these pleas, these gripes from a spirit long emaciated from neglect, made it better.  In a miniscule way I found grace in the pages.

Part of my prayer language is writing.  I never realized that until this very moment.

In this video artist David Garibaldi uses his prayer language.  It touched my heart and artist soul so much I wanted to share it with you.  What’s your prayer language?  Find it and pray more.  Share with me, first after sharing with Him.  He’ll be there.   And for the next year, so will I, praying more right alongside you.

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